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The history of the rise of the foundation “Ratujmy”

This spring among the team of councillors of Siemiatycze town, there rose an idea of the creation of the Foundation which should deal generally with the promotion of health and the organization of help to the local hospital in particular. This idea was realised on 7.7.2003 when the foundation “Ratujmy” was established under the notarial act. The establishment fund of this newly opened organization arose from voluntary payment made by the local councillors and the authorities of Siemiatycze. Together with this, the status of the foundation was accepted and its organs were created. On 12.9.2003 ‘The Foundation “Ratujmy” was registered in the country court registry.

The aims of the foundation are:

1) to build up the number of equipment in the local hospital in Siemiatycze
2) to aid training which makes the staff of the hospital better qualified
3) to bring financial aid to the hospital in Siemiatycze
4) to shape pro-healthy attitudes of the inhabitants of Siemiatycze and the surrounding area
5) to aid the development of prevention, health care and rehabilitation of the inhabitants of Siemiatycze and the surrounding area

E-mail:  kontakt@ratujmy.siemiatycze.org

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